Apologists for poverty

Global GDP per capita - why it needs to grow 

According to the growth pessimists the party's over. The boom of the late twentieth century was an unsustainable bubble and the current economic slump could well be the last.

But rather than despair, their message is one of hope, for a future of less material wealth but greater human well being. Such growth scepticism isn’t just confined to deep Greens, but is advocated by decision makers such MP Zac Goldsmith who calls for a ‘Constant Economy’ in his book of the same name.

Economic growth: it’s not dead yet

Innovation - driver of economic growth

Just before the advent of agriculture during the Neolithic revolution, the global population is estimated to have been a few million souls. These were the super-rich of human history. The entire planet and its resources were at their disposal, shared amongst their small number. In comparison, now that there are 7 billion of us walking the Earth, we should be much worse off since all that land and all those resources need to be spread so much thinner.