Where is the Kondratiev spring?

Innovation - road towards the Kondratiev spring

There's a little irony in noting that what some claim to be one of the most penetrating insight into the workings of capitalism came from a 1920s Soviet economist. Nikolai Kondratiev, one of the proponents of the Lenin's New Economic Policy, believed that economies based on capital accumulation have an inner clock which drives cycles of growth. Not short term buisness cycles based on corporate inventories or investments, but a 50-60 year innovation driven long-wave which can shape human history no less.

Does Green thinking need a red light?

Green thinking - more harm than good?

When the climate took a turn for the worse during the so-called Younger Dryas period some 12,000 years ago, our ancestors didn’t don a hair shirt and hope for the best. They innovated. A sharp return to ice age like conditions helped precipitate the development of agriculture in the Levant, a hugely successful innovation that soon diffused to other settled regions. So if contemporary climate change is to be taken as seriously as many Greens urge, our response should also be innovation driven. Why then does much of our current Green thinking focus on environmentally and socially regressive ideas?